Celebrate National Coffee Day – Spotlight on Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Balzac's Coffee Roasters

We must admit, brewing Balzac’s Atwood Blend in a Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker has become a staple morning ritual here at ECS. In honour of National Coffee Day, we are proud to put a spotlight on Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, a wonderful coffee company rooted in Ontario, Canada.

About Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

“Honoré de Balzac, one of history’s consummate coffee aficionados, is a prolific and celebrated 19th century French novelist. His prodigious output was famously fueled by copious cups of strong, black coffee consumed throughout the night.

While earning a university degree in French Literature, Diana Olsen, President and Founder of Balzac’s, discovered a kindred spirit in Monsieur Balzac and his genuine passion for coffee. Upon graduating, she immersed herself in authentic French culture, spending a year and a half in France. Passing many enchanting afternoons in the Grand cafés of Paris, Ms. Olsen was inspired to bring this sophisticated celebration of coffee and social tradition back home to Canada.

San Francisco was her next stop in 1993, to learn the craft of coffee roasting and bean selection at the West Coast Specialty Coffee Training Institute. In 1996, the first Balzac’s café was opened in Stratford, Ontario. Today, Diana oversees all aspects of café operations and coffee roasting from the Balzac’s Roastery in Stoney Creek, Ontario.” (Excerpt from Balzac’s)

Balzac’s Café Locations

We strive to harmonize the spirit of the respective neighbourhood with each location. Rich in detail and vintage ephemera, Balzac’s cafés are perfect venues to delve into a good book, catch up with an old friend, or just simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a sweet treat.” (Excerpt from Balzac’s)

View Balzac’s Café Locations at www.balzacs.com.

Enjoy Balzac’s at home with a refreshing lineup of whole bean coffees and Keurig® compatible capsules.

Balzac’s Whole Bean Coffee

Atwood Blend – This Bird Friendly® blend of South and Central American varietals exudes distinct notes of caramel and cocoa, while maintaining a balance of acidity and body. The end result is a smooth and satisfying brew.

Balzac’s Blend – Based on Honoré de Balzac’s own blend. Bold, rounded and generous – a gutsy cup. Careful: You might end up writing about it.

Celebes Kalossi – From Sulawesi, Indonesia, this cup boasts a rich, smooth, full-bodied and vibrant taste.

Espresso Blend – Adhering to European traditions, our version of this premium blend yields a deep, rich crema.

Farmer’s Blend – Hearty, country morning brisk, with a clean acidity – a Stratford favourite!

La Nuit Tranquille Swiss Water Process Decaf – A naturally Swiss water processed blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans.

Balzac’s Keurig® Compatible Coffee

Balzac’s Blend – Based on Honoré de Balzac’s own blend. Bold, rounded and generous – a gusty cup. Featured in a recyclable capsule, a fantastic eco-friendly option.

A Dark Affair – This full-bodied blend boasts a rich and vibrant taste to satisfy your darkest pleasures. Featured in a recyclable capsule, a fantastic eco-friendly option.

Shop the entire lineup of Balzac’s Whole Bean Coffee & Keurig® Compatible Capsules.

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