Keurig Relaunches Classic Series Brewers

I hate to say “I told you so”… ok not really.

About three years ago the folks at Keurig® came up with this wacky idea that adding DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to their coffee brewers would be something that consumers wanted and needed. The claim was that coffee pods that were not made by Keurig® were not designed optimally  for use in their brewer and could result in poor coffee quality and potentially harm the machine and the user.  If you tried to use one of the products not approved by Keurig® you would get the following message:

keurig full

From Keurig’s website:

“To ensure that the Keurig® 2.0 system delivers on the promise of providing high-quality beverages, produced simply and consistently every brew, every time, we have incorporated interactive technology to help consumers perfectly brew all Keurig® brand packs each and every time – regardless of the size. With the added consumer benefits of our Keurig® 2.0. brewer, including the ability to brew a carafe, it is critical for performance and safety reasons that the system only brews Keurig brand licensed packs.”

As a retailer that had been selling Keurig® and non Keurig® brands of products for years I was skeptical since most other capsules not made by Keurig® seemed to work fine. I compared it to a toaster company trying to tell you which bread to use in your appliance.  In my opinion, this was a very bad idea that would only lead to confused consumers, returned machines and would result in less innovation in the category. And pretty much everything I told them came true. Sales of the new brewers called Keurig® 2.0 plummeted and consumers and retailers had to scramble to explain which products would work and which wouldn’t. Even some of Keurig’s® own brands were not equipped in time with the 2.0 technology which only angered the people that truly understood what was going on.

Now two years later I am glad to say that there has been a reversal… sorry let’s call that a change in strategy with Keurig®.  They finally realized that this new 2.0 brewer technology was a disaster (my words, not theirs) and they have re-launched some of the original classic brewers without this DRM technology. So Keurig® lovers,  you can now get the Keurig® K15 Classic Series Mini Brewer and the Keurig® K50 Classic Series Brewer (formerly known as the Elite model) again and brew whichever coffee capsule without having your coffee machine tell you what you can and cannot drink.

Want to learn about all of the features and options available? Pop into one of our stores and we will show you the features and benefits of each brewer to find the right one for you.

Happy Brewing!

One thought

  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. The classic machine is simple, reliable, cheap and when it’s gone you buy another one. The Keurig 2.0 was a complicated for nothing machine – noisy and annoying with those bips, tips and messages. I want a coffee, not a boyfriend from a machine that explains to me what he is doing, why and why not etc. Bravo Keurig to be back to basics. Keep it simple, that’s supposed to be the motto of who ever invented Keurig.

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