Cold Brew Coffee at Home

DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Are you a big fan of iced coffee? Well, cold brew is the ultimate brewing method for creating the perfect iced coffee. Sure, you can stop by your local coffee shop and have the friendly baristas whip you up a delicious iced coffee. But, if you’re a do-it-yourself personality like myself, you will be happy to make this rewarding beverage at home (plus, you save money).

Cold brew is easy to do and perfect for anyone – from morning commuter to cottage vacationer. All you need is whole bean coffee, coffee grinder, the cold brew system of your choice, ice, and a cold place to store your concentrate (add dairy and sweeteners by preference). Check all these items off the list and you’re well on your way to a rewarding iced coffee – enjoy on your way to work or sitting on the dock.

Cold Brew Benefits

  • Make concentrated cold brew coffee that stores in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
  • Produces a beverage that is naturally low in acid – cold brew coffee is approximately 67% less acidic than coffee brewed by conventional hot brew methods.
  • Dilute the concentrate one cup at a time with cold water and ice to your preferred strength.
  • Do-it-yourself at home means you will save time and money.

The Key Ingredient

Balzac's Coffee Roasters

The key to any good coffee is to begin with good beans. This is probably obvious, but we can’t stress this enough. Buy your coffee beans fresh (and locally roasted if possible) and buy them in whole bean format. We have a huge selection of whole bean coffee from local, Canadian, and American roasters. When you’re ready to start the cold brew, grind the beans fresh to a coarse ground. You don’t want to use pre-ground or fine ground coffee, this could have poor results.

How to Cold Brew

The cold brew process varies by size and type of brewing system, but here are the general steps to a rewarding cup of iced coffee:

  • Add freshly coarse ground coffee and cold water together, stir to combine.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 6-12 hours (brewing time depends on the type of system and size).
  • Remove from refrigerator and separate grounds from liquid – discard the grounds.
  • Serve the coffee concentrate over ice, stirring in water to dilute the coffee at 1:3 or 1:2 coffee/water ratio.
  • Refrigerate the remaining coffee concentrate in a sealed container for up to 2 weeks.

Cold Brew in Small Batches

CoffeeSock Cold Brew
CoffeeSock DIY Cold Brew Coffee Kit
Perfect for small batches, this kit includes CoffeeSock reusable organic cotton filter, 32-oz. mason jar with lid, and brewing instructions. Makes 3 cups of cold brew concentrate per brew.

French Press Cold Brew
French Press
We carry a wide variety of french presses in different designs and sizes to suit your style. Perfect for small batches, you can use the french press to make cold brew the same as you would a regular hot brew. However, for cold brew you will only use cold water and let steep for 6-10 hours. The amount of cold brew concentrate produced will depend on the french press capacity.

Cold Brew in Large Batches

Toddy Cold Brew
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System
Perfect for large batches, this system includes brewing container, glass decanter with lid, two reusable filters, rubber stopper, instructions and recipe guide. Makes 6 cups of cold brew concentrate per brew. The Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System is one of the most popular and trusted cold brew systems worldwide.

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    I LOVE cold brew coffee. I used to use leftover hot brewed coffee, but now I am hooked on the loveliness of cold brew. However, I’m not fond of the price that comes with the extra effort and time that most coffeehouses have to charge. So, why not cold brew at home?

    Here’s how!

    If you love this, check out other coffee creations at too!

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