Make the perfect Iced Coffee & Tea in your Keurig Brewer

Keurig Over Ice

During the hot summer season you may find yourself craving an iced coffee or tea instead of your regular hot brew. Well, it’s pretty simple to brew iced coffee or tea in minutes using your Keurig® brewer and K-Cup® pods (Keurig® compatible capsules).

Directions for Single Serve Iced Drinks
Simply fill a 12 oz shatterproof glass/plastic cup with ice and brew any coffee or tea capsule over the cup using the 4 oz – 6 oz setting on your Keurig® brewer. Customize the sweetness of your iced drink to taste with sugar & milk if needed, or add your favourite flavour with our wide selection of Torani sweeteners and flavour syrups.

However some capsules brew a more flavourful and full bodied iced drink than others. To reduce the guesswork, we have created a handy list of some of the best coffee and tea capsules to brew over ice!

Iced Coffee

Extra Bold coffee K-Cup® pods (Keurig® compatible capsules) tend to work better for your iced coffees because they contain up to 20% more coffee than a regular capsule! We carry a wide range of roasts and decaf coffees in Extra Bold K-Cup® pods (Keurig® compatible capsules). Here are some of our recommended Extra Bold varieties:

Barrie House House Blend
Brooklyn Beans Boardwalk Blend
Brooklyn Beans Corner Donut Shop
Brooklyn Beans Express-O
Brooklyn Beans Fuhgeddaboutit
Brown Gold 100% Brazilian
Brown Gold 100% Ethiopian
Brown Gold 100% Sumatran
Cake Boss Bada Boom Extra Bold
Coffee People Black Tiger
Coffee People Jet Fuel
Coffee People Turbo Caffeine
Emeril’s Big Easy Bold
Green Mountain Dark Magic
Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Island Coconut
Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve
illy Extra Dark Roast
Nabob Bold Midnight Eclipse
Newman’s Own Special Blend
Newman’s Own Special Blend Decaf
The Original Donut Shop Decaf
The original Donut Shop Regular
Timothy’s Midnight Magic
Timothy’s Parisian Nights
Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso
Tully’s Italian Roast
Van Houtte Sumatra Fair Trade
Wolfgang Puck Go Bold

Shop All Extra Bold Coffee for Keurig®

Iced Tea

Much like the coffee K-Cup® pods (Keurig® compatible capsules), some of the teas we have listed here also contain more tea per capsule. Enjoy these herbal, green and black teas over ice on a hot summer day!

Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea
Higgins & Burke Bergamia Grey Loose Leaf Tea
Higgins & Burke Chamomint Moon Loose Leaf Tea
Higgins & Burke Kaziranga Chai Loose Leaf Tea
Higgins & Burke Lush Berry Loose Leaf Tea
Higgins & Burke Roaring Black Loose Leaf Tea
Higgins & Burke Tame Dragon Loose Leaf Tea
Skinny Girl Cranberry Cosmo Tea
Skinny Girl Mint Mojito Tea
Skinny Girl Peach Bellini Tea
Skinny Girl Sangria Hibiscus Tea

Shop All Teas for Keurig®

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