Holiday Gift Ideas: Tiffany® vs. ECS Coffee

Ahh… the time of the year has come when you must venture off to find the perfect gift for your mate in hopes of seeing a bright smile on Christmas day. And of course for those of you out there looking to really ramp things up you might be considering a beautiful teal box with a bow wrapped around it from one of the world’s most iconic stores.

Personally I am a fan of our friends at Tiffany®, but thought it would be prudent to make some suggestions should you wish to spend your hard earned money with ECS Coffee instead. So here is a list of my top 5 alternative gifts that you can choose from at our humble little company….

1. Tiffany® Coffee Can | $2050 CDN

From their website:  “The Everyday Objects” collection transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art. This classic coffee can gets a tiffany twist in sterling silver.

Tiffany Coffee Can | Everyday Objects
Tiffany® Coffee Can, $2050 CDN

Instead, how about the Prepara Evak Compact? The Evak Compact’s low-profile handle stores anywhere and will actually keep your coffee fresh by removing the air from the container. At $34.99 you still have $2015 to spend on an espresso machine to make your coffee! To spend all this extra cash, we recommend the Breville Barista Touch Automatic Espresso Machine. It is new this season and if anything like our regular Barista it will certainly be a best seller. At only $1279 you still have $736.01 to spend!

2. Tiffany® Elsa Peretti® Pitcher | $7,750 CDN

As a fan of the Elsa Peretti® line of products we were excited to see a new pitcher in Sterling Silver to adorn the table.

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Water Pitcher
Tiffany® Elsa Peretti® Water Pitcher, $7750 CDN

However, this is probably out of the budget for some of you. Instead, pop by and check out our selection of S’well and Corkcicle products. Our 60 oz. Corkcicle bottle will hold two bottles of wine and keep them cold for hours. You could literally buy everyone in your household a personal S’well bottle from our impressive collection. Heck you can buy one for your neighbours too!

S'well Traveler and Spectrum Collection
S’well Spectrum Collection & New Traveler Collection. Shop the whole S’well Collection Here.

3. Tiffany® Paper Cup | $780 CDN

Looking for a new paper cup to hold your coffee? Well, Tiffany® takes it to the next level with the Sterling Silver paper Cup..(although there is no real paper)

Tiffany Sterling Silver Paper Cup
“The paper cup we use to serve coffee in Tiffany & Co.® stores is reimagined in sterling silver”. Tiffany® Paper Cup, $780 CDN

At ECS we also realize that your cup is often a fashion statement as much as a cup. That is why we take pride in offering a collection of fashionable mugs. We recommend you have a look at our Star Wars, Star Trek & Kate Spade New York® Collections. Heck, look at all three. You can buy a mug for each day of the week!

Star Wars, Star Trek & Doctor Who Mugs
Star Wars, Star Trek & Doctor Who Mugs Collection

4. Tiffany® Triangle | $540 CDN

Looking to do some math this holiday season? Some exciting geometry with the kids? Well look no further than the new Triangle from Tiffany®.

Featuring three sides and coming  in at 4″ long, you can surely get your kids to enjoy math more!

Tiffany Triangle
Tiffany® Triangle, $540 CDN

If math is not your thing, but you are a bean counter… how about the Breville Precision Brewer for $279? The latest and greatest coffee brewer on the market has precise temperature control and a multitude of ways to brew a coffee, which… for the bean counters… will save you money!

Breville Precision Brewer
Learn about the Breville Precision Brewer Here.

5. Tiffany® Paper Clip Bookmark | $225 CDN

And finally, Tiffany® has taken the bookmark to new heights using a classic design in Sterling Silver as the perfect gift for those that love to read. The Paper Clip Bookmark is sure to wow your friends and family! You can even get custom engraving!

Tiffany Paper Clip Bookmark
Tiffany® Paper Clip Bookmark, $225 CDN

Instead may we suggest you try some of our Freshly Roasted in House 100% Kona Coffee direct from the farm. This limited time offering is only around for Christmas. Its light roast, smooth taste and warm nutty notes pair well with a book, a fireplace and a warm sweater.

Brewology Hawaii 100% Kona Whole Bean Coffee
Brewology Hawaii 100% Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 1lb. Only here for a limited time.

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