Summer Beverage Season is upon us!

With summer fast approaching it is time to put away the mitts and start preparing for patios, long days and warm summer nights.

At ECS Coffee we have a number of great ideas to refresh your summer using simple products that you may already have at home! Check out our latest recipes below:


Traditional Frappuccino

½ cup milk

½ cup strongly brewed coffee.
Use the Long button on your Nespresso, make an Americano or use a 4oz brew of your favourite K Cup. Let coffee cool.
2 pumps of Torani cane sugar
pinch of salt (¹⁄₁₆ tsp)1 cup ice

Blend for 30 seconds in your Vitamix…(or any blender) and enjoy!

Makes just over 12 oz

Caramel Chocolate Espresso Frappe- 

1 Cup milk
1/2 cup espresso cold. Can substitute with a 4oz brew of your favourite K Cup
1/4 cup caramel sauce
2 pumps of Caramel Torani
2 pumps of chocolate Torani
2 cups of ice

Blend for 45 seconds, top with more caramel sauce..and enjoy!
Makes 3.5 cups


At ECS Coffee, we carry dozens of varieties of Torani and Monin Syrups in both sugar free and regular varieties. Each of these can be used to enhance your Sodastream and make a huge selection of beverages….these are referred to as Italian Sodas!  Here are a couple to try out. For our entire collection of soda syrups click here.

Sodastream Tiger’s Blood (Strawberry Coconut) Soda

StrawCoconut Soda-Tigers Blood

Using your Sodastream make regular sparkling water.
Add 2 pumps of Strawberry Torani\
Add 2 pumps of Coconut Torani

Stir and enjoy.

For an adult version, add 1oz rum or vodka.

Sugar Free Vanilla Orange Soda

It seems simple but our Torani Sugar Free Orange Soda and Torani  Sugar Free Vanilla Soda go great together with your Sodastream. A refreshing way to make Italian Soda at home without the sugar. Most of our varieties have a sugar free option!

Vanilla Orange Soda how to

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