Did someone say Creamsicle?

We know it is June and you are probably not thinking about white hot chocolate right now. And neither are we in the traditional sense. But, we have spent months perfecting this product before releasing it to the public. And in my opinion it is one of the best indulgent beverages you will find. Sweet…yes, but with creamy notes reminiscent of my favourite Lindt White Hot Chocolate. So why are we telling you about this in June? Well, we got creative, brewed our Jetsetter White Hot Chocolate over ice and added some Torani Orange syrup…..the perfect Summer refreshing Creamsicle just like the good old days.

Pick up the products in store.

Orange Torani Regular

Orange Torani Sugar Free

Jetsetter White Hot Chocolate


  1. Using a 12 oz or larger mug, fill with ice.
  2. Brew Jetsetter White Hot Chocolate in your Keurig brewer into the Mug.
  3. Pump Torani Syrup to taste.
  4. Drink as is or toss in a blender to make a frappe! Enjoy!
  5. Don’t forget to bring your Jetsetter K Cup back to ECS Coffee and we will Upcycle it into patio furniture.

PS. It works with Strawberry too!

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